Spotlight: Amy Maggard

Amy not only got her family involved in Plant a Seed Day–she also organized planting activities for her patients at Adena Medical Center in Ohio! Read more about Amy and learn her tips for gardening with kids!

Big Green: How did you celebrate Plant a Seed Day?

Amy: I’m an outpatient pediatrician at Adena Medical Center–a local hospital. For Plant a Seed Day, I put together seed planting kits for each child and family that visited the office. The children were given a small biodegradable starter pot and had the choice to pick between green beans, cucumbers, bell peppers, or tomatoes. After planting each child or family got to take the seed starter pot home along with their certificate for participating and a learning activity book from 34 patients planted a seed to take home. Various other members of our office also planted seeds as well.

That evening at home my family spent time together planting seeds in pots and starters. We planted multiple starters with cucumbers, beans, tomato, and bell peppers. My daughter loved it and had a great time planting seeds everywhere!  

Big Green: How are your plants doing??

Amy: Our plants are doing great! The starters really took off and grew well. We have our garden all tilled up and the plant starters are finally in.

Big Green: What’s your history with gardening?

Amy: Growing up my family always had a garden each summer. We worked in the garden together. It was something I always enjoyed. I have great memories from gardening and still enjoy fresh vegetables right from the garden.  

Big Green: Tips for gardening with kids?

Amy: Have fun! Let them help pick out the plants and where they go. Don’t worry about perfection–enjoy the mess!

Big Green